smell like a pro


“Machotaildrop” is a fantastical adventure comedy where skateboarding is not a trivial pastime of the young, but rather a noble pursuit worthy of the highest cultural recognition. In this strangely beautiful world, professional skateboarders live like knights in baroque castles, the halfpipe their jousting arena and the concrete of the streets the forum for their Machiavellian tricks. Walter Rhum’s (Anthony Amedori) dream comes true when the 19-year-old skateboarder is selected to ride professionally for Machotaildrop, the world’s most prestigious skateboard company. Whisked away from his mundane life, Walter is transported to the lavish estate of Machotaildrop's headquarters, lorded over by the quirky and delusional Baron (James Faulkner). As the Baron grooms young Walter (“with the right air, and the right outfit”) to dethrone then current top rider Blair Stanley (Rick McCrank) and to replace him as the new face of Machotaildrop, Walter’s fantasy life dissolves into a dizzying nightmare, as he uncovers the nasty underbelly of the Baron’s skateboard manufacturing operation. Walter experiences first-hand the Baron’s exploitative schemes and delusional antics, and how they ultimately bring about his downfall when a gang of renegade skaters known as the Manwolfs retaliate after the Baron attempts to appropriate their radical lifestyle for the “look” of his most ambitious commercial venture yet, a skateboarding theme park called Apesnake.


Written & Directed by - Corey Adams & Alex Craig
Produced by - Oliver Linsley & Jared Valentine
DOP's - Craig Trudeau, James Liston & Peter Hagge
Production Designer - Jeffro Halliday
Original Score - Stefan Udell

Featuring - Rick McCrank, Anthony Amedori, James Faulkner, Vanessa Guide, John Mackie, Lukács Bicskey, Steve Olson, John Rattray, Fred Mortagne & Kata Sárkány.

2009 Toronto International Film Festival - Official Selection
2010 Santa Cruz Film Festival - Winner Jury Prize Best New Filmmakers

2010 LA Skate Film Festival- Winner Best Independent Film
2010 Arizona Underground Film Festival - Winner Jury Prize Best Narrative Feature