Last Resort - Aspotogan

Abandonment Issues

Rumours began to swirl years ago of an abandoned hotel lying on the rugged Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia. Red Bull Media House sent a film crew and a bunch of skateboarders on a weeklong trip to find the abandoned resort and transform it into the ultimate skate retreat.

Director: Alex Craig
Producer: Oliver Linsley
Executive Producers: Jason Ford, Fergie Cancade
Director of Photography: Norm Li (CSC)
Cinematography: Dave Ehrenreich, Ben Gulliver, Liam Mitchell
Gaffer: Craig Trudeau
Editor: Alex Craig
Assistant Editor: Dave Ehrenreich
Sound Design: Scott Morgan
Build Crew: Bryan Forbes, Danny Hagge, Cam Schuster, Sheldon Barr the Zenga Bros
Skateboarders: TJ Rogers, Ryan Decenzo, Nate Lacoste, Cody Lockwood & friends.