Harvey Spannos

i don't jump holes


Winner of the 'Fuel Experiment' Harvey Spannos is the pre-cursor to the feature film Machotaildrop. The story centres around a young boy (Mitch Salter) uncovering the mystery of his father's death and the search for his own identity. Through his journey, Harvey dreams of being a professional skateboarder as he becomes increasingly obsessed with the enormously popular and successful champion Blair Stanley (Rick McCrank).

Directed by - Corey Adams
Produced & Co-Directed by - Alex Craig
Cinematography - Craig Trudeau & Pete Hagge
Art Director: - Jeffro Halliday
Original Score - Stefan Udell

Featuring - Rick McCrank, Mitch Salter, Jeffro Halliday, Wendy Decruyff, Keegan Sauder, Keith Jones, John Rattray, The Badger & Claud Maurice.